**Uniform Mitigation Verification Form (WBDR-1802) **

   **No Longer        Required**

   **ATB #008-10 – September 22,        2010**

           Effective        immediately, the *Uniform Mitigation        Verification Inspection Form* (WBDR-1802) that originally was created        for homes with coverage of $750,000 or more and located in the wind-borne        debris region (WBDR) is being retired. 
   The updated *Uniform Mitigation Verification        Inspection Form* ([OIR-B1-1802 rev 02/10](https://www.citizensfla.com/shared/forms/multi-location/OIR_B1_1802.pdf)) adopted by the Office of        Insurance Regulation and announced in *[Agent Technical Bulletin #004-10](https://www.citizensfla.com/agent/ac_techbulletins.cfm?type=ie&show=pdf&year=2010&link=/shared/ATB/ATB004-10/ATB004-10.pdf)* includes all        eligible categories of opening protection required to determine WBDR        eligibility, so a separate form no longer is needed.

Seems straightforward enough, why don’t I understand what it means. Doesn’t seem to mean anything at all.

So does that mean they are still going to be using (OIR-B1-1802 rev 02/10) ?

I was hoping that piece of crap would be retired today.

The WBDR 1802 is for homes in the Wind Borne Debris Region that are valued at greater than $750,000. It is used in place of the standard B1-1802 form.

Hope that helps

I was aware of that but thanks anyway. I thought maybe the information came from today’s meeting and was hoping they did something useful with the 1802 form.

that was for Brian

Thanx for making me feel stupid I forgot completely about that appraisal above $750,000 rule. Not like it ever mattered.

I do not think many insurance agencies were even aware of that form. I do not believe any agency EVER asked me to use that form. Just trying to decide what a home is actually worth now days makes that ridiculous.

I have used it several times. I would only use it if the property appraiser posted a value greater than $750. Most times I would forget until I arrived at the property. I never had an agent ask for it.

I kept a few spare forms in my truck for when it was obvious. I would be willing to bet most of the guys doing the inspections on their own “one man operations” did not even know it existed.

It was primarily citizens that required the over $750 form. The other major carriers used the 1802 for normal values. it was also only for houses in the WBDR.

The over $750 form hasn’t been requested even by citizens since the new form was used.

For those of you who want to listen to the OIR-B1 1802 workshop yesterday follow the link below to find out what was accomplished. It’s about 2 hrs 45 min long. This is from Cindy Walden at OIR.

The audio for the workshop is on our website (Part 1 and Part 2) . We appreciate all the comments and suggestions in regards to the upcoming revisions. Thank you.


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