WDI E&O Insurance

Does anyone know of a company offering E&O for WDI inspections as a stand alone policy. ( Not as an option on your HI policy)


I gave up my Ohio WDI license this year because we are required to carry E&O insurance in Ohio but I cannot find a company that will insure home inspectors. I had a policy through a risk management company but one of the insurance companies was challenging the policy. Apparently, the guy at the insurance company thinks that home inspectors do not qualify for a policy from a risk management company. I don’t know why he even cares. He would not write a policy for home inspectors either so, it is not like he was losing business. I don’t know what his beef was.

The policy I had with the risk management company was very restrictive. It cost me a thousand dollars a year and I could only do $10,000 in WDI inspections.

Someone at the state of Ohio department of Agriculture clearly did not do their homework when they came up with the bright idea of requiring E&O insurance for home inspectors.

I spoke with the guy at the Ohio Department of Agriculture whose idea it was to require E&O insurance. He said that an insurance company helped him write the requirements. He would not tell me which insurance company it was but he told me that the insurance company had hundreds of policyholders in Ohio. Of course, it turns out that the “hundreds of policyholders” are all pest control companies. None were home inspectors.

I am in my eighth year as a home inspector. I do not have E&O insurance. I refuse to pay the outrageous amounts that the insurance companies charge.

I have E&O insurance with Towers and for an added $600.00 I also have temite coverage.

I have E&O insurance with Towers and for an added $600.00 I also have temite coverage.

Allen provides a WDO rider with their HI policy (extra cost of course).

I have an E&O policy were the limits for WDI/WDO are included. If anyone needs help, feel free to give me a call.