WDI identification - NC floor joist in crawlspace

Hey y’all.
Just inspected a crawlspace in NC that had significant moisture in all wood 19-21%.
Vapor barrier installed. Noted wood damage at Rim joist and floor joists near front of house where grade slopes toward house.
See images.
Which WDI is this typical of?
House and foundation has been treated for termites.

Possible termite damage and/or rot.

I’m by no means a WDI/WDO expert, but those sure resemble ’ POWDERPOST BEETLE EXIT HOLES’ to me. :thinking:

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Wood boring beetles & wood decay.
ps>> True powder post beetles (Lyctid) infest hardwoods only, so I doubt the damage was from PPB.
MG>> State Lic Termite Operator #2446 :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks so much y’all!
Working on increasing my insect knowledge over here.

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Matthew, the range and habitat can vary so much for WDI that you’d probably be better off sending these photos to a local pest control contractor. Imply that they may get referrals from you (which might be true!) and they should be happy to help.

Or send 'em to me! :grinning:

Water infiltration, wood rot, moisture attracts many different types of critters, Look for moisture intrusion.
The wood is too far gone it needs replacement.
Welcome to the forum, Matthew, enjoy. :+1:

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