WDI Inspections

Just curious about how members handle WDI inspections.

\Those of you that do your own WDI inspections what do you charge for them?

$60 for less than $2,000 square feet.

$90 - $120 with an inspection
$110 - $180 as a single inspection…

I recommend an externinator inspection when there is evidence of hungry critters.:shock:

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I have a bundled price that includes WDO/Pest/Termite whatever you wanna call it and Roof.

$75 with the inspection. $100 without

100 with inspection…125 for Stand alone inspection

i wish i could get $100. around here its $50

I always include a WDO Pest Report with every inspection,
By itself a pest report is $175.00

Free with a home Inspection. $150 for a stand alone inspection