WDI recertification

I spent yesterday at a re-certification for my WDI credits in Akron, OH presented by the Ohio State University.

There are 5 tracks to choose from.

All courses where excellent.

The bed bug and tick courses had a lot of great info. The industry is definitely more involved with bed bugs as termite infestation is way down.

The stinging insects, ants, termite was very good.

Enjoyed the segment on deer prevention and bats.

The one requirement needed is core, typically boring info and why I call it bore.

I was able to sit with one of my best inspector friends. He is a fellow Nachi member but does not post. (Fred Schaffer) he speaks well of Nick as they are friends as well.

I know a few guys are attending the course in Columbus in March.

Enjoy, great info. I sure do enjoy a good educational program.

Now go wash your bedding in hot water and watch your shoes as bed bugs are lurking everywhere, especially in areas of Ohio.