WDO agreement sample request

I would like to start offering to arrange termite inspections for my clients as a service. I do not intend to do the inspection but will have a licensed third party pest control company actually do the inspection and make recommendations. My role is simply to arrange the action. I will accept the payment then forward the fee to the third party. Does anyone have agreements you are willing to share to 1) have the client sign and 2) agreement with the third party inspector to work together? The only things I have found on the forums were from 2014 and older. Any help is appreciated.

Are u sure u want to put yourself in the middle of that payment, Michael?

Who will they call if there is a problem? :smile:

Just a thought… :smile:

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That is a debate I have been working on since I started thinking of this. There are a lot of the inspectors in the area doing that and I am getting asked more and more often if I do the termite letter as well as the inspection. It is a classic case of keeping up with the competition vs opening the door for complaints. From a legal standpoint I believe a well written pre-inspection agreement will take care of that. From a customer service standpoint it is less solid. I am looking to hire other inspectors at some point so that may be something I will have to address anyway and I would rather field the initial call from a client than let someone else. If I sound like I am all over the board on this one it is because I really am! Advice from the experienced guys like you and from others that have done this is appreciated.

I get you, Michael, as far as staying abreast of the competition.

Just remember in this country, we have a LEGAL system not a JUSTICE system…people sue for anything and settle with the insurance providers because spending your deductible is better than spending a lot more of their $.

The best to you… :smile:

When I first started out, I did termite inspections and treatments for a pest control company. Seeing the liability involved, I have never scheduled, performed, or gotten involved in any way, with WDO inspections.

One inspection stands out in particular. I performed the inspection. Filled out the form. Listed all damage using the space provided on the form, and, as stated on the form, the entire rear of the form.
The home was under warranty with Terminex. The company I worked for got sued, Terminex got sued, the home inspection company got sued, the Realtors got sued.
When I met with the rep from the State, he said, I have never seen a report like this, you did nothing wrong. Didn’t matter, still got sued.
The end result, the home inspection company bought the home, did some repairs, and flipped it.

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Thanks Eric,

You guys have convinced me to keep doing what I have been and that is make the call for the termite guy to contact them and they deal and pay direct to them. I appreciate the good advice on this.