WDO and Mold Sections on the State Exam Licensing Course?

I registered to take the InterNACHI state exam, and have been doing good on the online practice final (95 and over usually when I take it), however when the exam proctoring center called me with the scheduling they told me that the exam will now include material regarding wood destroying organisms and mold, which they also said is a new thing and the exam normally has not covered that material in the past.

I’m pretty nervous now because while I know the material from the pre-licensing course well, I checked out the InterNACHI WDO and Intro Mold courses and they are well over 100 course hours combined. I don’t even have that much time until my exam so doing the courses is not an option. How am I supposed to study for this stuff when I’ve never seen the material before?

Any recommendations on what I should I study for this material? I’m a little freaked out especially knowing that if I fail any of the sections I fail the whole exam. Feels kind of unfair that this material was not included in the pre-licensing course meant to prepare you for this exam.

What state?

Sorry, forgot to mention that. I’m taking the exam in Florida.

You need to post in the Florida section so you can converse with Florida members that may have some insight for you.

Never heard of this

Gotcha, thanks for the replies guys, and I’ll check over in the Florida section. So far I’ve just been taking the approach of familiarizing myself with quizzes located in the course pdfs for the WDO and introductory mold inspection courses since I don’t have time to really fully learn and absorb all the material.

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