WDO Certified Operator

I just completed the nachi WDO course and I need a certified operator to work with. Can anyone suggest someone in Volusia County, FL? Many thanks.

William Chandler


Can anyone help William?

That course does not give you the right to do WDO inspections in Florida. You have to have an ID card, and, if you follow the law the way it is written, you have to be an employee of the company you work for.

I have forwarded your contact information to the CPCO we work for.

Zoe, can you add me to that list? I’m in the same boat. I also have WDO certification from Purdue University to go along with my InterNACHI certification, but from what I understand you still need to work for another company for a few years before you can get your own Florida license.

And as the law is written must be covered by their insurance and drive their registered vehicle. DACS has been lenient in the past but I would expect they will be tightening down. Far too many inspectors working as independent contractors underwritten by unscrupulous PCO’s have gotten in trouble in the recent past.

Afraid you are right, Brian. I should have read FS 482 before I took the nachi course. I assumed the cert could be used since it was available thru nachi.

Thank you, Zoe.