WDO inspections in Texas

Hi, I just got done with the WDO course here and read that some states require a different license other than your home inspectors license. In Texas is that the case or no ? I have looked for info on this site and on the net and have not found anything. Thanks in advance.

You must be licensed as a structural pest control operator or applicator through the Texas Department of Agriculture to perform WDI inspections or even to identify organisms. http://www.texasagriculture.gov/RegulatoryPrograms/Pesticides/StructuralPestControlService.aspx

ty much

I took and passed the wdo class for Internachi but what I am wanting to know is this course accepted as the 8 hour class needed by the Texas ag department for me to use It to go and take the test ??

You need to be a certified applicator (CA) the highest type license like (professional HI license). then get insurance specifically for pest control. You need at least 1 years experience under somebody in pc industry to even consider taking the CA license

then you can start offering WDI reports and services in texas

Yes and no. You can perform WDI inspections as a commercial pest control technician but you must work under the business license of a pest control operator.

Btw, the 8 hour class requirement for apprentices to sit for the tech exam has changed to 20 hours.