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Hello fellow Inspectors,

I am looking for a WDO / Termite inspection Co. who operates in Jensen Beach.
I am currently located in West Palm Beach but I have an inspection job in Jensen Beach.
My current WDO company I use wants to charge me 3 times my regular rate for WDO inspections due to the distance they would have to drive.

I am reaching out to fellow Inspectors to see if anyone knows of an affordable WDO operator near Jensen Beach.

Sincere thanks,

Charles Segal
Home Sweet Home Inspections

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Tell them JCM Building recommended them…

Hello Charles,

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. would love to do your termite inspections (WDO reports). We do termite inspections for other home inspectors, Realtor’s, and home-owners every day. We are very accommodating and will get the report you need right away.

Customer service and professionalism is paramount when we meet you at a client’s home, and you can always be assured that your business will be well represented.


Brian Reynolds
Reynolds Pest Management, Inc
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H6ufm4dcJQ