WDO & Mold inspection who is in Flagler beach?

I just landed an prepurchase inspection in Flagler beach and need a referral for someone who Offers WDO & Mold, I need someone who can do both and give my customer a good deal on it! I am not expecting any kickback from your WDO & mold inspection , I just want a fair price for my client and you to keep me in mind when you have a referral to give away… House is 3411 sq ft. Ocean front property, Email me at nhi5576@gmail.com or call 407-459-0354

Thanks, Adam

Come in guys can I get some love here I’m giving away work here and nothing response ! Trying to keep it in the network and make some friends here, anybody ??? Need a response by morning

Ok unfortunately the guys realtor swiped this one from me and referred it to someone who does all the inspection services. Thanks anyways! Maybe next time

Adam, sorry no one responded to you earlier. Sometimes that happens. I’m not near or would have happily offered some help. What I can offer you is a bit of advice. Take this that has happened and turn it into a learning experience. I’m going on a presumption you’re new to inspecting. This is not in any way or form critizing okay. Every single person here had to start and learn the same lessons. Going forward, get all your ducks in a row as they say. If you’re not licensed to do mold, think about becoming licensed to do it. If not, network with others that are and are willing to work with you when situations as these arise. There will be more. And most times the determining factor in sealing the deal isn’t so much whether you offer the service yourself but rather, can you provide someone that will and will make you stand out as a go to person. Also, seconds count in this business. I’ve missed a call and less than 5 minutes later called back to find out they’ve hired another inspector. It’s the nature of this business. I don’t provide certain services but have through the years developed relationships with those that do. And it all serves to compliment one another. Again this is just a bit of friendly advice from someone who although still learning from others, has been around for some time. Good luck to you and if you need any advice or anything else I am able to help you with just drop me a line.



Thanks Bert I appreciate the advice! I am going to work on getting certified as I don’t want to loose business again in the future, if I could have done these services I wouldnt have lost it! Big thanks to the realtor! Lesson learned! I am a new inspector and can’t afford to loose business like this… If you happen to have any overflow Inspections or something out of your area let me know I would be honored to offer my services! Thanks again for the advice !


Hey, no problem. Been there done that. And thanks for the offer Adam. I’ll keep you in mind should someone call me with something your way. Take care and much success to you.


I lost an inspection the other day because the lady wanted a termite in addition to a home inspection. I told her I didn’t do the termite and a termite professional would have to be called in. She never called me back. Kind of frustrating because having the termite cert is another animal and I don’t see the benefit in my area. I guess she got one stop shopping somewhere else and for all I know the next inspector she talked to could have told her a line like yeah sure we do termites.

The same would apply to Termites…