WDO rafter damage?

Hey guys I can across this yesterday. It was the only rafter with the damage. I don’t think it is, however I am not a pest inspector, and wanted a second opinion on if this could be WDO damage?

What are you referring to as the “damage”. All I see are the white markings.

Yeah, the markings are slight indents like hit with a hammer. At first I thought nothing off it, just want to be sure.

Not an issue, they came like that or someone put them on in the field unintentionally.

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Don’t look like WDO, but I am not a bug man. But I have been called a bugger in the past. LOL


The lignin has been removed leaving enriched cellulose.

*Wood contains hundreds, or even thousands of small oval shaped indentations all along the surface of the wood. This rot is a fungus that attacks the heartwood of living trees. This wood is still used for construction and can often be found in crawlspace floor joists. *
*The fungus - that causes white pocket rot - dies in seasoned wood, thus the reason that this wood is still used in common construction today. The wood is usually not weakened to the point that it cannot serve its intended purpose. *
This wood can confuse the new termite inspector that is still learning the ropes as he/she stumbles upon it.
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Mark Goldenberg sure knows his stuff! :smile:

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Thanks for the awesome response! Much appreciated.

Good Info,Marc!

Here’s wood damage from Termites in a flip a did 3 year’s ago.


Good info.
And also… White Pocket Rot would be a good name for a rock band. :love_you_gesture:

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Marc, That was very helpful. I am WDI Licensed in Ohio, although I have not done any WDI inspections. I too would have suspected that of WDI damage. In a lot of the training whether it be in classes I’ve taken or courses taken online (InterNACHI or otherwise) I often wish there were more pictures or illustrations that give examples of “this is an example of what is being discussed” or “this is an example of something often confused with what is being discussed but isn’t”. Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words and your explanation to go along with this picture is perfect. Thank you very much. I learn something from this forum every day.

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Great post Marc

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