WDO Stand Alone Agreement Not On The Agreement System

I am curious as to why the WDO/WDI Stand Alone Agreement is not part of the Agreement System? Can anyone help me understand that or figure out how to get it added?

Thanks In Advance!!!

Many states and local jurisdictions, along with lending/ mortgage companies require that WDO inspections/certification will be conducted by a licensed exterminator. WDO inspections on our end is for observation and recommendation only.

What type of stand alone agreement would you want to see for those not licensed in the industry?

I simply add on the bottom the inspection is limited to the WDO/Termite report only. :cowboy_hat_face:


I honestly wasn’t thinking of it in regards to this. I am licensed as a PCO, so I didn’t even think about the non-licensed.

I was looking at the ease of it. I have a Fillable PDF already created, but I was not sure why it wasn’t within the agreement system. Now I understand.

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