WDO/WDI reference

I’m looking for some WDO/WDI references that will help me pass an upcoming certification test in MO. Anyone know of any resources (preferably free) that would be of help to me?
thanks in advance

University of Missouri Extension has tons of stuff on line and for sale. When is your test?

The test is the 18th in Jeff City. I already got the two books from UM “core” and “category 7b”.

I didn’t know if there were some web sites somewhere that would be beneficial as well.

what does the test cover in reference to WDI?

Any info can help. Try this website also.


To be honest I’m not entirely sure what the test will cover. The state told me to get two specific books on the indentification and treatment. They knew as an HI I’d not be doing remediation, but they said it was the same test and that was part of the “deal”. I got the books, but you know how that goes, you always wonder if it’s going to be enough.

Thanks Stephen… I’ve seen this but had long since forgotten it. :slight_smile:

Also try www.pestworld.org

Thank you Chris, I will. :smiley: