Hope he has E&O

Hard to successfully argue a claim with this evidence and coverage.

Imagine the reputation, people more remember the bad then the good.

Pillar to Post is a franchise so I wonder what their liability in this is

I’m sure they have Top E&O, but still is the point of messing up there reputation in the area. I searched in Orlando home inspector and this story pops up in the news section

If it was not visible at the time of the inspection, then the claim is done. The state will decide that. He should have handled the client much better. If the news called he should have been more forth coming with them also. It would make him look 100 times better. Hiding behind closed doors does nothing to help him.

He should have stood out front with the news and relayed, he told the client he could not get in portions of the attic and it was not visible at the time of the inspection. He can only report what he can see and then pointed out that sometimes we can not see everything.

The door frame appears to tell a different story though.

I agree. Don’t act like a mouse. We all make mistakes but you should face it and fight ,own it or something. Some people don’t cope well with that kind of stress. It would suck but that would be a time to big your man pants on.

I** would agree with all of this but when the newscaster is in the attic reporting when the inspector said he couldn’t get into the attic-well, that’s a different light!:shock:**

The area where the newscaster is in the attic is most likely in the hall with a drop ceiling. I see these all the time. You have a 3x7 space with a height of 3 ft or more where you can fit in. The rest of the attic is usually 2 ft or less. I bet there was another access in a closet.

The inspectors actions or lack of give the whole profession a negative appearance.

Looks like the Clemons house all over, at least this is only $10,000.

I understand but in the piece the inspector was quoted as saying I can’t get up there and the state says I don’t have to. If this goes to a court site it better be a judge and not a jury.
Probably won’t go that far and we won’t hear the outcome but there’s some good info here for inspectors.

I agree.

Not trying to defend him. The door frame is visible. I don’t think it will go to court either.

Are you guys sure that door frame was visible. I had a situation like that about 10 years ago. Termite damage was called out but the client was upset because the extent of damage was not called out. He called in another inspector. Once you know there is a greater problem than first thought, it makes it easier to find the damage. This inspector came in with a hammer and hit every door frame in the house. He found damage in the frames that was not visible, nor was it found from just running your hand up and down the door frame. He found it from hearing the hallow sound in the wall. Then, of course, it was easy to expose all of the damage. The department of entomology will be called in to investigate and they will make their decision as to what should or could have been seen. If they rule against the inspector, he is screwed.

Yeah, that didn’t look good.

@Greg Bell: The reporter was clearly all the way up in the attic. On a POS very old frame house like that the inspector should have been up there. Ceilings can’t be that high in a little house. The reporter was not a tiny Guat.

Door frame all messed up? Highway to H E L L? I’d be sounding everything in sight.

Jeff hiding behind his house front door says a lot. If you don’t want to talk, don’t answer the door. If you want to talk, go out. At least make a brief statement.

This is a huge PR nightmare for a small business owner.

He never should have combined his HI co with his CPCO co. GIGANTIC mistake that I saw he made several years ago.

Separate entities for separate activities is appropriate to help limit liabilities when the Reaper comes a knocking.

If this guy was a NACHI inspector you would be defending him to the hilt. Because he is not you are all bashing the hell out of him. Gentlemen, this is a business we are all in together. Each and every one of you has had a missed item at one time or another. We all do . Most of you would hide behind the door also. The case is in litigation. He has been instructed not to say anything.

Is he embarrassed. Absolutely. Did he screw up, Most likely. Will he pay. Probably. But just because he does not belong to YOUR organization is no reason for some of the comments on this tread or in other threads on this topic. Remember, it could have been you!