We are looking for InterNACHI's next Vice President.

We have two declared candidates, Scott Gilligan and Frank Carrio. Before the election begins (we’ll hold it here on the message board using our existing polling system), is there anyone else who would like to run?

As one of 3 members of InterNACHI’s Board of Directors, I’m going to be the Election Commissioner and I’ll make the rules, of which there will be few.

Once elected, the VP will enjoy full freedom, financing, use of staff, infrastructure, legal services, IT support, etc., to do anything they want to try to help the members and the association.

Although, on a personal note, I’d recommend that the new VP refrain from rewriting our SOP. LOL! Just teasin’ ya Keith. :smiley:

Funny you should mention that because I am in the middle of writing an SOP for doing Sewer Lateral Video Inspections for my own business. Once it is done, I will gladly share it with NACHI.

Frank has withdrawn his declaration for candidacy. We need at least another candidate to have a vote. Anyone want in the race?

How bout Marcel

As the Commissioner, I won’t nominate anyone, but I can’t think of anyone who shouldn’t run.

The position is what you make of it. It is ceremonial only… if that is what you want. Or you can take on whatever project(s) you want to try to accomplish, big or small, and InterNACHI will back you all the way… if that is what you want. You, as all past officers and existing chapter heads will tell you, will be on your own. InterNACHI will support you with funding, legal help, IT support, staff, travel expenses, etc., but you decide for yourself your level of involvement and what you feel like doing to try and help the membership and association.

I will do my best to make the membership proud if I am elected. I have had a few ideas in the works lately that would benfit InterNACHI inspectors in their daily business. It would be very helpful if I had the backing of the organization to implement them and get the ball rolling.

I nominate Scott.

I nominate Scott Giligan for VP.

I 4th Scott Gilligan for VP. :wink:

I nominate Scott Gilligan also.

Nick, If Frank cannot do it and Scott is the only candidate, I think you should just let him have it. That’s what was going to happen over in the other thread anyway.

After all he is the guy who has stayed with this and dug up the old thread.:slight_smile:

I nominate Scott Gilligan for VP.

Its a land slide, Congrat Scott

Man, this is a very hard decision…hmmmmmm.

I think I’ll vote for, ahhhhhhh, hmmmmmmmm, Scott.

Ya that’s the ticket.

Having Scott as the VP would without a doubt be a great move for INACHI. My vote doesn’t count, but I know he’d be a huge asset for the organization.

I endorse Scott for the position.

Yes, Scott has my full support also.

I nominate Marcel. Cyr
then we have 2 good men running