We Are Making More progress In Maryland For Radon Testing

OK so some of you know and some don’t, but 5 years ago I lost my left foot due to an accident. Well I had a good biz going and was forced into making some big changes as no more roof walking, and some other limitations. So I restructured everything. We hired several inspectors to do the main home and commercial inspections and I focused on all environmental testing (mold, Radon, VOIC, allergens etc…).

Anyway about 2 years ago a group of concerned citizens, politicians, news media, lawyers and several others started a push and public awareness about Radon Gas Testing. ON well we finally got some counties in Maryland to make it mandatory to have all properties tested for radon as part of a sale. We are still working on making this a total state requirement which is coming very soon.

I tried to get some help from some people in the industry like Nick, Thornberry some labs etc… But to no avail I was laughed at (even by some inspectors right here in Maryland).

OK, well this month the state had the Highway commission to put up on most of the major Highway signs (the big green ones on the major roads that sometimes say Hazard ahead, drive safely, wear seat belts etc…) to put up Safety Concern, Have your home Checked For Radon Gas.

There is more to come, I just wanted to share.

I may have lost 1 leg, but I still have a Leg up on my completion…LOL



Jeff, you crack me up bro…hahaha


Good work Jim.

It always amazes me when an inspector in a state wants help from NACHI on something that would benefit their members of that state, and they get ignored. I have found out NACHI only listens when they want to.:shock:

James K…

Be real careful what you wish for. Several years ago we had the same kind of push in Kansas. It started out mildly enough, EYERYONE (except people that owned a property) had to be licensed to drop off OR pick up radon monitors or cannisters or air checks, etc AND to install mitigation equipment. AND they only wanted zip codes to track high level areas in the state.

Then one of our state university’s got involved, and after the law was passed the rulebook changed a lot.

Because of the amount of rules, etc … today, many inspectors quit doing radon OR farm it out so as not to have to be burdened.

After our radon laws were passed here in Kansas, many HI’s had to farm out the testing to radon testing specialists, because it was no longer cost effective. Many radon testers here only charge $75. Radon testing units are NOT monitored or enforced for calibration, so there are no penalties or enforcement of the laws. These electronic boxes can be altered, as to not find radon in the home, to appease the REA’s. Tester’s records are never monitored.

I have caught two testing companies doing this, with one of my own home purchases, and with retesting of other homes, with no fines or lost licensing of the other radon testers. With no monitoring or enforcement of testers and laws, laws are not worth the paper they are written on, and never do benefit the home buyer. REA’s love the laws, because high radon is rarely reported by the cheap, REA-pleasing testing companies. Same with termite, mold, inspections, etc.

One of the reasons that I retired is that I could no longer compete, and I just let the cheap companies have the business. You cannot make money when companies advertise a full home inspection, termite, and radon for $300.