We are SOOOOO Proud.

During this Thanksgiving weekend, all the kids came home, including my middle Daughter who is in her last year at the U.S. Naval Academy. Duiring this summer, she was assigned as the Executive Officer of the training company at the Naval Academy Prep School at Naval Station Newport, RI (NAPS is the year transition program for prior enlisted Sailors and Marines who get Academy appointments). During this time, it seems like there was an incident that she didn’t tell up about.

See the attached Citation. :smiley:

Needless to say, we are so proud of her.

She is humble, even embarased about it, saying that the biggest thing for her is knowing that, in an emergency, she doesn’t panic and just gets the job done.

Nice, Will!

What an exemplary young lady! You are very deservedly proud.

You should be a proud Father Will. :slight_smile:

Here’s here (preliminary, sorry, I am a cheap-a**) guy) grad photo.

BTW: She has been put up to be her Company’s CO for this upcoming semester. We are praying that she gets it. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Will, it was unlawful to copy her picture. Now you are in trouble with the US Navy. ;):mrgreen:

Damn I am proud of her and dont even know her! Prayer given…congrats will. I am sure you had much to do with her leadership skills…congrats to the both of you!

Congrats to your daughter, Will.

No, only with the photog who snapped the picture and wants me to pay $250 for “lawful” copies.

Not really. Proof positive of G-d’s existance, when your kids exceed, well beyond your ability to succeed, or to teach them.

Congratulations to you and your family Will. You have raised a fine young woman, a woman of wisdom and integrity, who is humble and godly.

Congratulations Will! You definitely have a daughter to be proud of.

Congratulations Will.

That’s Awesome!

Coo stuff Will.

I’m proud with you. :slight_smile:

Congrats to all.

Will you are to modest we all know that she takes after her old man. One of the best blessings in life is to live long enough to see what our hopes and dreams become over time.

Congrats. Please tell her thanks for her service from me as well :slight_smile:

Will, Congrats, She is outstanding!!