We are talkin MOLD here


I am with Dave for the most part.

If you have a little bit of mildew on some surface areas you might get away with the bleach thing. However if you have real mold problems you need some help. Mold can be a very serious problem.

If I see mold I ALWAYS recomend a pro.

It may be advisable NOT to use the word/term mildew in your inspection reports and or communications. Mildew is actually a type of mold. Realtors like the term because it sounds less alarming than “MOLD”. However, without proper lab results and testing, you never know what type your dealing with…


What kind of pro and for how small or large an area? Not trying to put you on the spot, looking for the real facts.

Had this yesterday, 4’ x 6’ laundry room and adjacent 4’x 6’ pantry had evidence of visible or attempt to paint over microbial growth. Visibly about 6" up all walls were affected whats behind who knows.

What would you say to a “new low budget family” already maxed out trying to get into the house.

I would say the same to a “New High Budget Family” of a 3 Million Dollar + home.

You need to have the problem rectified.


The source of the problem has been rectified, no more water leak at the laundry.
Do you have further comments you include in your reports?

Barry, the leak may have been fixed, but the mold problem still exist. What you are seeing there is less than a 1/4 of the actual problem. These are some pics of some remediation that started after an inspection a few months ago. Turns out the mold was growing behind the insulation and at least 6’ up the walls and had spread to a large portion of the room. This ended up leading to more problems as they found that the floor drain was blocked from some previous amateur plumbing and had caused the water leak to spread throughout the subfloor and up other walls. The job went from $3,000 to over $20,000. :shock:
Moral of the story, Never, never downplay a mold problem and always recommend remediation.




After the fact comments do not usually concern the HI, but if you are willing to go back and check someone elses work then you had best be prepared to be a specialist in that field. I did call backs,but only on things I was totaly confident about…MOLD is not one of them…

What are you going to report? Yes, the leak has been fixed, but do YOU as a HI really know about the mold???