We as home inspectors

We see defects that wants to be hidden to help people make a more informative decision. To help people life their dream of owning a home not just a property, a home to come back to and end of a long day. My name is Divan and for the longest time I have had this dream move to Canada to find a place to call home. So my question is simple does anyone know of a home inspection company an home inspector that is recruiting home inspectors (me) as I am searching for a career not just a job in Canada.

Divan, if you’re not fussy about where you live in Canada, start with the Canadian thread and contact the Canadians in that thread to ask your question.

Also, if you email fastreply@internachi.org, HQ may have a list of Canadians that they may share to help in your quest.

Best to you in your search! :smile:

Larry, thank you for your response and advice. As to where I end up this all relies on where I find a career. I love what I do, it took me a while but I found what I love. I will search for inspectors in Canada.