We bought another home back through the "Buy Back" Guarantee. It's 4 sale and a deal!

InterNACHI will pay for all your closing costs and help you financially to purchase this home.

The homes on each side of that home are half the price?

No, the homes on each side of this one aren’t for sale.

Here are the listings in that town which can give you a feel for what homes go for: https://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/fsba,fsbo,new_lt/pmf,pf_pt/house_type/globalrelevanceex_sort/42.338244,-95.174561,39.647997,-99.827271_rect/7_zm/

The home InterNACHI is selling is very nice and ready to go, and includes a detached garage.

Everything is for sale Nick. :wink: