We bought another house back. Free $20,000.00 to anyone who wants it.

601 E. Sherwood Road, Williamston, MI 48895 - InterNACHI

Congrats/job well done on supplying all of the pertinant reports/data.

Buy one on the Front Range

NO! We are all full in Colorado… nobody else PLEASE! Especially if you Texans won’t learn to drive! :):cool:

I didn’t learn to drive in Texas. I know what the left lane is for. I already have a vehicle that I keep in CO.


I will be sending this example to agents in my market to show proof that the buy back guarantee is real. Nice work.



Drive? How much learning is needed to ride a horse with a western saddle? :smiley:

When in Houston visiting relatives in the Woodlands it ALWAYS amazes me that most people on the frontage roads running parallel to Hwy 75 go faster than the people up on the Hwy. Scary …