We bought back a commercial building this morning.


Looks great , Congratulations … NACHI …

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Now you have somewhere to put your money :twisted:

let me guess…a faulty safe?

Looks like a great place to film!

Yeah, it’s going to be fun.



That’s pretty cool.

So what is the difference between this and a small motel?

Nick, is that safe big enough to put all your money in?;):slight_smile:

For the inspector, I’d say uniqueness. This is an historic building with a walk-in safe once used as a jail and a fire department. And since we own this building, we’re thinking about bringing in some used commercial kitchen equipment for the course.

A hotel is a boring inspection.

love the newspaper

That is a matter of opinion… I would love to inspect the new hotel on Pennsylvania Ave in DC… the old post office.:wink:
I thought I saw in another thread that the buy-back program was not able to be used for commercial properties such as a hotel.
This property in this thread is very cool BTW.

Ya, me too.

Awesome! I could use a vault like that.

The Buy Back program is only for residential properties but we made an exception because we were looking for a unique property to create more commercial inspection videos and this bank is the perfect set.

We had the bank property surveyed this week.

We also purchased historic documents and photos from the historical society.

Enjoy: https://www.nachi.org/bank.htm