We bought back another home in Colorado Springs. Now for sale

The home was purchased through InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee: www.nachi.org/buy

Can I inspect it before buying it?

Of course…

What happened that Internachi had to buy back house?

It had a pothole in the driveway. :roll_eyes:

Another broken GFCI receptacle? :grinning:


What happened that Internachi had to buy back house?

We didn’t have to buy it back.

Of course, and each one comes with our “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee in case you change your mind after closing.

From the realtors listing description, this may be the “issue”:
“While otherwise move-in ready, this home does need some grading work and the sump pump rerouted to prevent future flooding and is priced accordingly.” :rofl:

Lovely looking inside.
Grading and repositioning the sump pit are not unique renovations. Lot water management can control high water in soil. If you look at the front image you spot the grading issue.

Curious how they plan of handling the Radon Mitigation System!

If you did not have to buy it back … WHY did you AND what was their gripe??

We bought it back to make our participating inspector rich.

Oh, don’t tell my wife, she’ll want to move!