We bought back another home. We are offering $20K cash to any member who wants it

The roof had a leak not discovered by the inspector. We had a new roof installed last week.


This was part of InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee.


For anyone interested, this is in a nice area and well away from all the George Floyd and BLM BS!

Although the listing states it is located in St. Paul, MN. it is actually located in Apple Valley, MN, (may be an address technicality, but I don’t see how), which is well away from St. Paul to the SW.

@gromicko may wish to verify the listing info as I believe Apple Valley is a much more desirable area and should draw more interest. The market in MSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul area) is crazy with homes selling in as little as 3 days with NO inspections. Many areas don’t bother with realtor signs in the yards as they sell before they can be set!

Note: I am NOT the inspector of this property.


Nick, I may be interested as a rental investment. How does this work with the BBG? Are you offering $20k to help get it closed?

Use the $20K however you like. I just give it to you.

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Well, I could sure use the 20k. By the way I saw your video on Beach House Inspections. Good video and info.

Welcome to our forum, Charles!..Enjoy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Is there even a chance that dishwasher opens without hitting the oven door?

I slashed the price $30K and put a new roof on it.

About the same odds of that hood vent being operated with a remote control!

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Cut it another $7K. So that’s $37K less than appraised value plus $20K cash plus a new roof. You get an instant $75K in equity.

Yup, great deal… until the market corrects itself, which it always does.

But it doesn’t. When did real estate drop 28%? When inflation ends, prices STOP going up. They don’t come crashing back down. This is 28% free, instant equity.

I bet it sells by tomorrow.

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Under contract. Closing on June 11.


Sold, closed it on Friday.


Hey question - I just got back from a real estate investors/licensed professional meetup networking group and an investor/realtor was interested in buy-back property investment opportunities. Does one have to be an InterNACHI member to be able to invest in them?

IMO, anyone can purchase them at the (non-member) listing price!!

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Got it, so internachi just offers subsidies/discounts to members?

InterNACHI only gives the cash subsidies to members. But some of our subsidies are $20,000.00 and up, so just join InterNACHI if you want it.

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We have people joining InterNACHI just for our roughly 300,000 deals and discounts. Our Super Deals section is insane. My wife probably saves $10K a year or more using them.


Thank you Nick!