We called every CMI last week and updated their online contact info.


We perform this service every year for CMIs.

I are one but did not get a call

Information is correct on the web


I have been a CMI since the 1st year this program started and… I did not receive a phone call! :stuck_out_tongue:

I did not receive a call either.

Call, what call.

I received a call - and it was simply to update information.
Cheers, Claude

I did not receive any calls, but the info is correct.

Me too


No one contacted me but my information is up to date.

No call here either…

Hey Now,

If Nick said that ‘‘we’’ called every CMI, then obviously you did not answer your phones.

Oh, and we have the phone records to prove it. :wink:

You learn well, grasshopper…:smiley:

Hi Everyone

I didnt get a call ether. But Im still kicking and the info is still the same.

Glad to hear it, Hank. :smiley: Hang in there.

I did not get a call either but the info is still current. I will be installing those free CMI decals, that Nick gives out, on my van soon. Just found them back the other day. CMI rocks!

Looks like Nick should withhold payment on that check to ProLab telemarketing.

Thats funny!

I looked into this and figured it out. The gal only called CMIs that didn’t have websites listed on the CMI site… and CMI’s who had websites that displayed different contact information (phone, email) than what the CMI site lists.

So if your website contact page didn’t conflict with the info on the CMI site, you didn’t get a call.

Thanks for clearing that up. Now we will have to find something else to pick on you about. :smiley:

It’s a pain. Because CMI is not a part of InterNACHI, our www.nachi.org/profileintro.htm updates everything but the CMI site.