We called every CMI last week and updated their online contact info.


I got the call last Wednesday, and I appreciated the followup and the chance to update my Info.


I got no call…lol…but it’s all correct!

I didn’t get the call either, but I felt your presence and performed a Vulcan mind meld with whoever was attempting to reach me, Oh BTW, sheep lie. :smiley:

They did not call those who already had the correct contact info on their web pages.
Every CMI contact info has now been verified.

Now only if they would do the same thing for the InspectorSeek and every other InterNACHI inspector directory. I know of at least a dozen that are showing up right in my area that are no longer inspectors, not with InterNACHI anymore, or DEAD. I think people get a little p!ssed when they start calling the names on those lists and almost all of them are out of business. Would definately make me want to do an alternative search.

I got no call and my e mail address is wrong and it is in conflict with my web site info. Guess they are no doing very well are they.

This is now your offical contact… fix your email dude!!!
Feel better? :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: