We caught a real estate agent recommending a patty-cake ASHI/CREIA inspector.

We recently caught a real estate agent recommending solely ASHI/CREIA inspectors. We immediately took steps to ruin her financially.

First, we are running this 1/2-page ad in all the real estate sections of newspapers throughout her market. For example, the ad attached is running in the L.A. Times.

Next, we mined real estate sales data to figure out every deal where she was the buyer’s agent. We’ve begun writing to all of her clients asking if the consumer felt that their agent steered them toward a patty cake home inspector.

Next, we’ve begun hiring InterNACHI members to reinspect every one of the homes she sold in the past 8 years and giving the reports to her victims… I mean clients

Lastly, we’re offering to purchase the claims from her clients so that we can increase the damages in a lawsuit we are bringing against this agent.

Bye bye scumbag real estate agent!

I’ll be frank. This seems a little heavy-handed to me.

I agree.

I’ve done several re-inspections lately because the first inspection was done by a pattycake inspector, and they’ve come from all associations, including other InterNAchI members.

How does Frank feel about you impersonating him and making statements in his name?


:lol: “surely you can’t be serious” I am serious and stop calling me Shirley. :lol:



I am Frank, and I agree with Ian. A little harsh. :slight_smile:

I will no longer pose as Frank, but I will go on to say that this looks a lot more like an act of intimidation that it does a public service.

Nick, if you think the agent(s) or inspector(s) are doing something unethical, report it to the authorities in charge, don’t set yourself up as judge, jury, and executioner.

It’s the same old school boy playground antics from this org’s “leader”. It’s embarrassing , but typical.
I’m sure he’ll be along shortly to mention this farce is an exclusive “benefit”.

Apparently Nick doesn’t get that many inspectors belong to multiple associations, so how does he reconcile that mess?


Without a doubt. There a few newbie INachi’s in my area with minimal training and knowledge when it comes to inspecting homes.

More than a few here in Florida as well, unfortunately…

This action, by Nick, sends a message across the industry. Stop trying to undercut InterNACHI inspectors. As the news spreads it will cause other Realtors to re-consider how they treat our members. Well done.

snorted out my coffee

Well it’s alright even if you’re old & gray
Well it’s alright you still got something to say
Well it’s alright remember to live and let live
Well it’s alright the best you can do is forgive

we’re going to the end of the line :lol:

Ya can not take a crap on your back step and not track it into your house.

Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house:shock::shock::shock:

Do I need to continue???

She already agreed to stop. Our member’s brochures are now in her real estate office lobby.

I have been told there are serval real estate offices in Columbia, Missouri that will only refer A$HI members, if your lawyers need something to do, Nick. I have had some agents in Columbia tell me they have ever right to refer only ASHI inspectors, because NACHI members are not qualified. I always inform them that the state of Missouri recognizes NACHI has an inspection organization. http://www.mhdc.com/homes/addi/addi-inspectors.htm

Oh now the agent is in water as hot as a hibachi
Should have never messed with the dudes at NACHI

They may get the first hit in, but are met with vigor
Besides, when it comes to members–NACHI is bigger

And the sue pockets are deep, so best not to tread
On the NACHI bro’ hood–or your business may get dead

So when it comes to bullying, it’s probably best not to pick
On the NACHI association, whose name is protected by Nick

And Nick’s lawyers, who are more than happy to bring suit
Against Anyone and everyone who may mess with membership loot

For it’s not the reputation, or the degradation that makes Nick holler
But the affect it may have on the mighty bottom dollar

So if you’re going to slander, and prod, and provoke
Don’t do it against NACHI- he’ll make you a broke bloke :mrgreen: