We got a nice room rate for the NACHI 2007 Toronto Convention.



Other than a passport, what types of documents will be acceptable under this initiative?
*The passport is the document of choice right now because of security features and general availability. Individuals traveling within the Western Hemisphere are encouraged to obtain a passport. *
*For land border crossings, other documents that we are considering for acceptance under this Initiative are SENTRI, NEXUS and FAST program cards. These are current international frequent traveler programs (see www.cbp.gov](http://www.cbp.gov/) for further information). *
*We anticipate that the Border Crossing Card, (BCC – also known as “laser visa”) will also be acceptable as a substitute for a passport and a visa for citizens of Mexico traveling to the United States from contiguous territory. *
No currently existing documents other than the BCC, SENTRI, NEXUS or FAST cards are under active consideration as substitutes for the passport. The Departments of Homeland Security and State are working to determine acceptable alternative documents other than a passport as soon as possible. We are using new technologies to create other acceptable travel documents. We will make public additional travel document options as they become available.

It is best if you take the initiative to obtain a Passport before the end of this year if you currently do not have one.

United States Senate passed an amendment to the ImmigrationBill that would delay until June 1, 2009 the requirement that peoplecrossing the border into the United States including U.S. citizens holdpassports or other specifically designated secure documents. Without thisdelay driver’s liscenses and birth certificates will no longer be sufficientto cross the border by air and sea on January 1, 2007 and by ground onJanuary 1, 2008. The Hotel Association of Canada has been actively engaged in seeking thisdelay and naturally welcomes the Senate decision. The delay will allow fordevelopment of proper technology at land based crossings. Concurrently itwill allow for the proper education of all travellers to ensure they arefully apprised of all requirements. However a cautionary note must be raised regarding the Senate vote. ThisSenate amendment, while a very welcome first step is simply that, a firststep. Before the Immigration Bill becomes law, the Senate will have to passthe full Immigration Bill. The amendment will then have to be retained inwhatever final legislation is negotiated between the House ofRepresentatives and the Senate. It should be noted that the House did notinclude this type of delay in the Passport requirement in its version of theBill last December.

Getting sick of Florida. Try Vegas next time. See you at ITA.

Canada? Good beer at least. The Molsan Brador is outstanding!:D:D

I vote Vegas as well:twisted:

I vote for Vegas also.

Documentation requirements for “Legal” travel to Canada.


You don’t need a passport for Vegas:p

I vote for Vegas

Vegas is a logical choice, it’ll never happen…

Don’t forget ITA’s Inspection Expo in Vegas, September 25-27, 2006.

I’m waiting for a NACHI Convention in Alaska or maybe Columbia, you know, something centrally located to the membership…

Centrally located would be Millington, TN. Only problem would be the only drinks can be found at the VFW and the Long Branch Bar and the only thing to do is hang out in the parking lot of the Piggly Wiggly and watch the trucks unload.

Isn’t it ironic that some of the best whiskey in the U.S. is made in a dry county?

Isn’t it very cold in Toronto in February?


I wonder why you are thinking of February,
Yes you can get Roses in February for valentines day .
The Conference is in May and it is a great time of the year all the spring flowers are out and winter is long gone .
Hope to see you may 16th to May 21st the date of the convention .
Roy Cooke sr . Royshomeinspection.com

I have just re-newed my Passport.

What does everyone find to be the detriment of having one for International Travel?

Hello… It is June 2006… You can have one (Passport) before the end of this Calendar Year and not have to worry about Changes for the next 10 years…

What is the Worry or Concern???


I have two passports. My US passport is good til next August. My Irish passport is good til the following March. I never let them expire.

Members with young children or grandchildren should get them passports as an anti-kidnapping measure. At least, they won’t be able to take your kid out of the country. I read that before my kids were born and went out almost immediately after they could stand still for a passport photo to get them each one.

What happens in Toronto stays in Toronto, ay?

Looking forward to Toronto and ITA in Las Vegas. Been to Vegas many times. Never been to Toronto. Hope to see many of you there and put a face to the name.

lol…Man I hope you are not driving up to Canada Jay…thehehe…sorry I could not resist…lol

I could get there okay Paul, I just wouldn’t be able to find the Hotel!!!:slight_smile:

Maybe this turn, or the other, oh heck, let’s go to dinner and get a beer! LOL:)

lol…OR a $ 50.00 Steak…either way…lol