We had a good time in Canada

We had a packed house at our IR training class


It was a great weekend and lots of fun.


From all of us here…Was a pleasure having you John,Training was outstanding!! Look forward to seeing you again


You guys are the greatest. I had a fantastic time and was treated
very well by everyone.

I wish I had been there.

Nick… these guys are exploding with team work and positive attitude.
Everyone was helping each other. CanNACHI is booming.

John was a great time seeing you again and the class was fantastic, see you at the next class



John, come back.
Bring heat !!!

Bring George a door handle!:mrgreen:

There is not enough heat in Texas to make Canada feel warm.
You guys have to be polar bears to survive up there … LOL.

I had to watch the ice everywhere I walked, so I would not
fall down. But… the snow is very beautiful to look at.