We had a good time in Canada

We had a packed house at our IR training class


It was a great weekend and lots of fun.



John -

Where in Canadia were you? What was the weather like up there with you coming out of Texas? Did youse have to buy long johns for the trip?

The pictures look different from what I expected. Those guys look just like normal people. What kind of language or dialect do they speak?

Did you have an interpreter??

We were outside of Toronto at the ‘Inspect4u’ school for home inspectors.
I will be teaching a class there every 2 months.

The Canadians were very normal… and fantastic guys. They all spoke
English and that really helped my poor east Texas dialect.

It got down to -10 F… and there was snow everywhere.

We do not see cold and snow like that in Texas…:mrgreen:

Glad to see the weather wasn’t too cold. It can get nasty there sometimes. Are you still on for the February class in Boulder?

Yes… we are coming to Boulder.
Sign up now… seating is limited.