We have our Life Expectancy Chart coming out as a printed brochure.

Sounds great Lets see em :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what is a “Post and Tensioned Slab on Grade”? Are you sure the “and” is supposed to be there?

Great. Will there be a separate brochure for Florida?

Right behind it.

you might want to fix this
Modern kitchens are larger and more elaborate, and together with the family room, modern kitchens now form the “great room.”

I don’t want to know when I am to expire just let it happen

Count me in on that also lolol

Does this mean it’s at the back of the brochure, or the Florida brochure is coming right behind the regular one?

Thanks, Wayne! Together with your help, I fixed it! :wink:

Your welcome you chatting with the King of spelling Mistakes .:wink: I make a bunch lol