We just bought back another home. Will give you $15K to buy it from us

Been away.
As to, “Here, answer these two questions:”
Hard to answer the questions when the bases for the contract and all the actors involved are privy to the agreement and waivers.
Actors: Realtor, Purchaser, Organization, Offer to organization members at a discount, then back to a Realtor if members do not wish the purchase.

Does not pass the sniff test, IMO. But that’s my opinion for the moment. I am certainly not expressing a legal conclusion about and/or legal analysis of a transaction or a matter which is relied on by the above mentioned. InterNACHI’s legal team likely covered every angle.

Great work! Don’t get me wrong, Nick. All good when a realtor is involved. KW in my neck of the woods are sterling professionals.

Great work Nick!

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If you’d get your head out of your ass everything would smell better!


If anyone is interested, I’ll pay you to do a home inspection provided I can share the report.


Opinions are individual. It does not pass the sniff test. That’s the way I feel.
Personally, I find it undignifying and totally unprofessional to reply the way you do.
I can express and will express opinions openly. Don’t like the opinion. Move along.

I fully concur. The best liability management benefit program in the Home Inspection industry.
A stroke of absolute genius on your part, Nick. My opinion, every CPI should be enrolled.
If your participating inspector misses anything, we’ll buy your home back.
Buy Back Program

I’m going to drop the price by $20K… and I’ll still give you $15K… after dropping it by $5K already.

That means you’re getting the entire house in a nice neighborhood for $115K!

This is a pretty good deal for a member.

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Can I add travel to the fee? :smile:

Yes, you can subtract off the price of the house.

I just dropped the price to $130K.

Just got 4 offers, only one is less than asking.

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I should have gotten a copyright on WAFI when I came up with it. With bozo still posting nonsense, I would have another big source of income during retirement.

Would you post the original inspection report, redacted?
What was the item the client felt the inspector missed?

Bubba says hello, hi, how are ya

laundry room photo, basement wall, i can’t get a good enough look but appears there may be a long horizontal crack at, TOP of 1st block off B floor, pushed in… what say you? Any better pics of this, got milk?

“IF” that wall is pushed in w/long horizontal crack then, the verbage on page 2 doesn’t quite fit…
‘The subject has been adequately maintained with no required repairs noted’

One MO time, IF that wall is pushed in 'n has horizontal crack (and there would be other EXT cracks if pushed in) then the subject has NOT been adequately maintained

And also appears the other wall in same photo (laundry room) has a hairline horizontal crack about mid-way up… now Bubbster may be wrong (cuz i can’t see the sob better) so hmmm, i’d be more concerned with the possible long horizonal crack down low/top of 1st block off the floor, there appears to be some paint peeling N shtt on that wall above the possible Horiz

here’s a video example of a block basement wall bowed in a lil
1:00 mark long exterior horizontal crack

1:30 exterior corner crack and another ext-corner crack at back corner 2:15

these problems aren’t fixed by adding a 303’ downspout extension now are they