We just released a new Inspecting Tile Roofs online video course today.


Nice Nick.
Not much tile up here in the land of perpetual ice and snow.
Mush,Mush, I am off the the next igloo inspection.:cool:

I am beginning to see more and more of those resin based tiles that look like clay but are more like a McDonalds roof.

Any photo BOB?

Did an inspection this week on a $3.3 Mil home with tile roof, built in 2006. Counted at least 28 broken and cracked tiles on the roof. Home was built as a match to a Tuscan home in Italy. Big money to repair.

Really? It’s about $300 to repair that here.

Understand that $3.3 Mil here is about the same as $12 Mil in Calif. or Fla. Since the home was so high in height, and cost, the roofer was just filling his pockets. I think the cost was about $2,500.

Wow Gary, you actually had an inspection???

I got you beat, Gary. I had one over a year ago that was brand new and had over 135 cracked tiles. Some even had silicon on the underside of the cracks as if they were caulked when they was being installed.