We just signed an agreement to buyout another inspection industry vendor

I’ll be able to announce more after we close on the sale in 2 weeks. We’ll then make their products/services free member benefits.

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Who is it?

So, how deep is this rabbit hole going to be??

My guess is the sale has more to do with home inspector multi personality disorders as opposed to multi inspector firms., the purchase? Who knows… :crazy_face:

Whenever “FREE” is involved you know the odds are it’s going to be very, very, deep.

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I love the smell of skepticism in the morning.


In a recent similar well-read thread, there were hints of free ice cream coming our way. I mean, DQ is a vendor to many home inspectors. :rofl:


I suspect many became ‘lactose intolerant’ over that thread!!


My hope is that he’s buying out Crumbl Cookies!

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So did I miss this big annoucment or did it just fall way side?

We closed a week ago. We got all the intellectual property (agreements) from Inspection Contracts .com

We’re now building a system that creates every possible agreement scenario for you including what state you are in, what inspections you have scheduled for the particular client, etc. We are also adding a case history and legal strategy section for each agreement to help your attorney should you ever get sued.


That actually sounds awesome. I have completed close to 2k inspections in 4 years, and just last week was the first time someone ever threatened to sue me.
We use the Nachi agreement and nachi insurance. We had pictures the right pictures, but the clients are convince by a shady contractor that we missed it. Having the agreement is so important to protect what ourselves. If we legitimately miss something, I want to make it right, but we have to protect ourselves from these bs claims.

The thing we are building is insane. You enter some info and it creates a custom contract for that customer, that area, and the ancillary inspections you are providing. A custom contract for every client.


Looking forward to it! Thanks Nick.