We just topped 99 million hits to this site.


Perhaps Dale and Bill can come up with something for you to do beside watch a ticker:p:D

I was just wondering what exactly is your definition of “Hits”, as there have been “only” 14 million “visits”? Be specific please.

His computer is built in it never stops :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, visits (probably unique visits) and hits are different. Both in the millions though.

Agree, and still amazing, but was wondering what “hits” actually entails? Somebody clicking on anything Nachi related, anywhere, in any search engine?

Yes, well, they’d have to get through the search engine to this site, but yes.

And over 3 million visitors have clicked through to our members’ websites: http://www.nachi.org/inspection-leads.htm

A million here a million there and pretty soon you’re talkin’ serious traffic.


A hit happens everytime any file within that one page loads by each individual person. So just going to your home page could render 50 hits from just one person in the 2.7 secs it takes for your page to load for example. I would drop hits all together. I would monitor pageviews and most importantly unique visitors. Unique visitors will only be counted once for a specific period of time unless they jump on another computer then they will be counted twice. The user is assigned a cookie and that’s how they are tracked. A page view is basically the total number of times an individual page is visited by all users. So with that said how many unique visitors have you had to date?

I checked with the I.T. Department this morning. The 14 million visits are unique visitors. 14 million different people have visited this site.

A hit is counted every time someone loads a page, even by the same visitor.


… including the message board… correct?

I don’t know how many of those 14 million unique visitors came to the message board. There are only 30,000 inspectors in N. America, so 99% of our visitors are consumers.