We launched Inspector Profiles today. Submit yours. Great for SEO.


If you would like us to help write your bio or story, email fastreply@nachi.org

What a great idea Nick! How do we get a profile done? Just send you some info and a pic? Thanks :slight_smile:

Staffer Rob London will contact you tomorrow.

Alright folks, here’s how it works

Write a few paragraphs that include the following kinds of information

  • Your education
  • How you became an inspector. Were you in the trades before that?
  • Any experiences on the job that you’d like to share
  • Anything that you think is interesting or that you think other inspectors might want to know about you

And as Nick said, send us a picture if you have one

Get back to me at Rob.BritishCity@gmail.com or to Nick


Thanks Nick

Here’s the newest addition:

C’mon, send me your bios and you’ll be famous too