We Love Our Dogs

We Love Our Dogs… GermanShepherdPet.com](http://germanshepherdpet.com)



Females Below…












Spam. This should be deleted…:mrgreen:

With all those females around no wonder the male looks so tired.

:mrgreen:Spam unless they are trained to sniff Chinese Drywall

Total spam.

We love our dogs.

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Only by Bushfart:shock:

Nice looking Dogs John, but I guess most would like to see you post it in the spam section.
That is where we also have fun on Last One to Respond Wins. Join us. :wink:

It’s totally relevant, not spam at all. Any of us that inspect foreclosures could use a couple of those dogs to clear the houses before going in! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lighten up guys, geez…:roll:

Tiny little things John. Let me know when you want to play with the big boys… :mrgreen:

Hey Stephen
Is that your wife and dogs.?
I would say you are a lucky guy if true.

Lucky? Try bathing those beasts after they have spent the day in the back yard eating an elk carcass. Walter is at 139 pounds, Frank is younger but at 162 pounds. If there is a puddle, they find it.

OK ,so what I get from this is you are lucky.
Savoir it since as a single guy I am jealous.:slight_smile:

Great lookin’ dogs Stephen.

I sympathize with you. I got a couple 120lb Akitas that like to jump the fence and drag home anything they can find in the woods to chew on.
Here’s one of them: