We Make It Safer

A Great resource for checking on CPSC recalls for your clients and it’s free.

Check out Square-One Inspection Recall page here. :smiley:

Not only is it free, it saves your clients a minimum of $50. A free newsletter and regular updates are included. It’s also endorsed by the White House!!!
And it’s perfectly legal and approved for use in all 50 states.:wink:

Hi Linas,

I wasn’t aware the White House endorsed We Make It Safer, thanks for posting.

I plan to share this information with all of my customers & Realtors from a link within my report, so that everyone can benefit from the fine work We Make It Safer has provided. I have also notice that We Make It Safer promotes the home inspection profession to their members… everyone wins.

Joe, you can also get a free listing at We Make it Safer,here.

Yeah that’s pretty cool, I just got my site listed there, and my clients appreciate this site, very useful.