We might have 300 at Ft Lauderdale InterNACHI meeting. 228 registered and climbing.


your link says capacity of 100??? How you going to handle that?

That is the default setting.

The Marriot got us a bigger room. We’re going to blow the place out.

Woooop Whooop you go Nick :smiley:

I think you all visiting should hit the town for a little after partying :slight_smile: after the meeting of course.

Have fun and live it up.

Sounds like there is a lot of hungry home inspectors.

And how…Just wondering what is coming down the pike that roofing manufacturers are in need of documentation.

Over 250 registered as of this morning. So we could have as many as 350 in attendance.

Looking forward to the meeting,
see you on Monday for the inspectors attending.

Please take some PICs with all the attendees in the frame of the PIC.

260 registered.

Do we need to worry about this or are we good if we signed up online? See Below:

**Thank you! Your registration has been sent, but not confirmed. You will be contacted shortly by this chapter to complete your registration. If you receive no reply in the next couple of days, email Ben Gromicko. **

They have always done this…just with roofing contractors not Home Inspectors…