We now accept G.I. Bill for payment for pre-licensing courses/membership in Florida.

Oh goodie more competition :slight_smile:

Florida membership in InterNACHI has hovered between 1,500 and 1,600 since before licensing was adopted. Russell Hensel bet that we’d lose 1/2 our members after they got licensed. Russell, stay away from Vegas. LOL

The more the merrier :slight_smile:

how do I use my GI bill? I called the VA and they said I need to have the school reach out to them in order for me to use my GI bill. I tried reaching out to the school but I never got a response

It’s sad that you didn’t receive a response.

Maybe contact the DEAN of the InterNACHI school BEN@InterNACHI.org
or education@InterNACHI.org or Nick Gromicko at Nick@InterNACHI.org @gromicko

And, Michael, thank you for your service. :+1:

Please come back here and let us know WHAT the “DEAN” said.

You should have your query dealt with satisfactorily.

thank you for the help i just sent an email to fastreply@internachi.org but ill send one to the dean as well. thank you again.

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My pleasure, Michael.

And, remember to come back here and let us know how you made out…please.

Consider that this thread is over 10 years old and may no longer apply.

:man_shrugging: No excuse for:

Did you get the help you were looking for, Michael? @mrodriguez36

InterNACHI has made contact with Michael and will be continuing the conversation privately. Thank you for checking in on him!

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Good to know…and, maybe others have the same question. Hence, a public answer could benefit more than one.

Oh, and just so you know, I wasn’t checking on him, I was check that the education team/school didn’t blow him off again.