We now display the registered users who visited this message board in past 24 hours.

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This is not all viewers, just “registered” users who have visited in the past day.

Did I, or we, give you permission?

Yes, you did. You can also not be displayed if you choose.

What is the point/purpose?

We found several posts from users who complained that only 60 or so members regularly visit this message board. Knowing that we actually have hundreds of registered users visiting this board each day, and thousands of unregistered readers visiting this board each day, and at times even tens of thousands of unregistered readers visiting this message board each day, and that all those visitors are different each day, we wanted to display something to dispel the myth that our message board was made up of just a small circle of inspectors.

Well, Nick, if I could figure out how to get 275 Visitors of that 24 hour period to participate and become part of the 56 active users, I might be able to get more than 32 voters on a couple of polls that issue great prizes. :):wink:

Well, we get 260 million hits a year. www.Alexa.com ranks us in the top 5,000 U.S. websites with the most traffic.

Given that, I’d say that we shouldn’t assume that all visitors have something pressing or pertinent to say or contribute to the message board and are refusing to post. More likely, most visitors simply enjoy only reading. The Rush Limbaugh show has bout 10 callers an hour, but 30 million listeners who never even try to call in.

Newbie, sometimes i login, sometimes not; but i read the posts on most topics. Learn something new almost everyday. I appreciate most of the comments and lively debates. Great stuff in the Message Board.

Well, maybe with time, some of those read only fans will join us on the MB. and start voicing there prescence on the positive note of Home Inspections, hopefully. :):smiley:

That is a lot of Hits Nick. You must be doing something right.
Good Job. :slight_smile:

Even more impressive is the average visitor “time on site.” Yesterday it hit 47 minutes! By comparison, the outrageously “sticky” site YouTube.com had less than half that average time on site.

Isnt it a requirement!!!

"Within the first 10 days after becoming a certified member…

Most of the Rush listeners have trouble working something as complicated as a Phone Nick…

If I have something constructive to contribute…I will.
If I don’t…I won’t.
I don’t really care what your political views are and I don’t feel the need to post insignificant babble just to make me feel worthy of my peers.
Since I have the floor, I would like to thank the Professional Inspectors that belong to this organization, who have answered my questions or gave me advice on situations that I needed assistance with.(some of you know that you have helped me, some of you don’t). Greatly appreciated.

I believe you!
I started a thread on Nov. 02, that as of this posting has been read / viewed by approximately 81,640 people.
That is 16, 328 views/ hits per month or approximately 544 views PER DAY!
{I know that 17 of our members and one non-member have posted on this thread.}

I have had people from all over the United States and some from Israel E-Mail me asking my opinion on the “Cap & TAX” bill.

I also was interviewed “Live” on a Jerusalem radio station {Israeli Free Radio} for approximately 28-minutes.

So…. InterNACHI has a “World Wide Audience” and is one of the most “viewed” message boards in this industry if not on the entire internet! :smiley:

Cap and Trade: A License Required for your Home](http://www.nachi.org/forum/f14/cap-and-trade-license-required-your-home-44750/): by Frank M. Carrio, CMI](http://www.nachi.org/forum/users/fcarrio/)

Posts; 124](http://www.nachi.org/forum/misc.php?do=whoposted&t=44750) :smiley: Views: 81,640 :smiley: