"We pitched the cement so water will run away from property

:yawning_face: :yawning_face: :yawning_face:

yeah ok. Red DEVIL action

No video of inside basement where it leaks, seems most never wanna show that… EH? :lying_face:

He said, ‘It leaks where fuse box is’

Ok well, see the electric line going in? Appears it is still somewhat open, at top at least.

Whatever, have fun with that supposed sweet az repair, by duh way, is there a guarantee that basement, fuse box area won’t leak now? Just asking, kind of important

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What a friggin mess. They have got to be kidding in putting that up for the public.

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New commercial for RD?


He actually calls it “perfected workmanship” at the end of the video, lol. I give it 3 rains. In Minnesota, it wouldn’t make it through 1 freeze/thaw cycle.


Mr. Anderson,

Wow! The dude has only 12 subscribers. How the heck did you find this guy? You must be searching YouTube all the time for any and all things waterproofing. What a needle in the haystack.
I looked at some of his other videos. They are all crap. :rofl:

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Bert, sometimes i simply go to youtube and punch in basement waterproofing videos for that day and this is one popped up. I took a quick look and said, ‘Here’s more bullshtt’

I don’t give a sht if he has 1 or 1 million subscribers, that’s not the point

DannYYY the empty beer cans fart thinks it’s a really BIG deal having 5 BILLION subscribers pfft!

DannYYY thinks he’s a BIG SHOT cuz he apparenty owns 1 or 2 planes

DannYYY thinks his lawyer will stop Bubba from yapping, or so he said, well, Bubba still yapping

This guy is not the only moron who farts around and thinks they can stop water with goofy, incompetent crap… there are HI’s, realtors etc who slap dumb azz videos of supposed solutions for leaky basements - some homeowners actually believe some of these videos-fixes, TOO many, hence when i get a chance to take an honest dump on 'em, i most happily do

And i did take quick look at a couple other of this guys videos, agree… crap lol

BIG shot

… when Beer cans man wakes up in the morning with his head on fire n his eyes too bloody TA see,
go on and cry in your coffee but don’t come bi chin’ to Markyyy’

Right? That was my first thought!