We snail mailed every CMI a marketing tips letter with a sample.

You should all get them by next Friday.

After delivering hundreds of CMI brochures in dozens of display racks last October, next week I am going back to each of those offices, to see if any of the brochures, or racks, are missing.

got letter but having trouble downloading the Safe Home book. Can access free items but not the book

Are you talking your own or someone elses that you would like.

You are right. I tried and I can’t open yours. Send a message ASAP.

Working now Peter!

Hi Peter -

Your book is working fine for me. What error are you seeing? Let me know and I’ll look into it for you.


I have not received mine yet.

opps… My first post was meant for Nick about the information that was sent by snail mail.

Well it is now February 25th and I have seen nothing yet.

I have not seen anything.

Same here.

Maybe my CMI ID card was in there and got seized at the border…