We started a Page 2 of inspection business logos.


We’re knocking them out as fast as we can.

That is allot of logos & their all amazing, makes me think about having mine redone! lol

Your logo is awesome as is.

Not a commentary but an observation.(aimed at designers)
Muted pastels are a theme when scrolling.

Is there a aesthetic or psychological marketing reason for avoidance of primary colors?

Past NACHI staffer Wylie Robinson did mine using the red / white /and Blue scheme

There is a tendency to think that using the most saturated primary color that you can find draws attention to your logo. The problem with that theory is that these colors are also extremely difficult to look at, as well as read. For instance if you use a primary yellow, it sits very close to white on the value scale making your logo appear extremely light, making your logo almost impossible to read at any distance. A method of unifying color is to tone down color in order to make color appear better in a grouping. When painting, colors mix together and tone one another down, unifying your over-all palette. When I design I am not thinking about just your logo, I am thinking about how it can be integrated into an over all palette in all of your marketing. I am thinking about how Jessica can use the colors in your brochure and on your card, how they would work into the design of a site. You wouldn’t want to make the whole background of your site screaming fire engine red. Certain musical progressions sound better together and color works the same. Think of blown out red as a really shrill note on a trumpet, it gets attention, but it’s also really aggravating to listen to. I hope my rough run down of color theory makes sense. Thanks for asking, it’s a great question.

Thank You for the educated reply as it makes sense since years ago I read the best way to judge a good logo is to view it in black and white.

I am sure you would agree that once one learns the rules it is a good idea to occasionally throw them out the proverbial window.

Hard to imagine McDonalds without the golden arches or MOBILE without the red O.:wink:

That is why I am happy with the red and blue homes in mine as it highlights the fact I do homes while not messing up the skyline.

One day I may adjust it however as a few smart people have noticed in the past that the skyline is backwards.

Must be because Wylie is looking from west of the city.:slight_smile: