We will pay $25 for any image used in the new WDI field guide!

Hey guys!

I’m busy working on “The Complete Field Guide to Wood Destroying Insects,” and I am in need of good photos of damage…They need to be somewhat hi-res, so small thumbnail sizes won’t work. We will pay $25 for any images that are used in the book.

Currently, I am still in of need photos of :

anobiid beetle damage/evidence
bostrichid beetle damage/evidence
lyctid beetle damage/evidence
old house borer damage/evidence
subterranean termite damage/evidence
formosan termite damage/evidence
drywood termite damage/evidence
dampwood termite damage/evidence
powderpost termite damage/evidence
carpenter bee holes/evidence
carpenter ants damage/evidence

Please email me at Valerie@NACHI.TV

Thanks guys!


How about a wood destroying plumber? :wink:



I’ve got many Termite damage images…Are you still interested?