Weather Conditions

Was just curious how everyone is today and your weather conditions from across the country.


19 degrees
Blizzard Conditions. (Only 8 more days till winter)

Working on INachi Exterior course. Business slow this month.
Son home from school and he is study Conduction, Convection and Radiation. He is in the 5th grade, and I am not smarter than a 5th grader.

That’s good!!

A National Academy of Sciences study from the early-mid 90’s found that only 5% of our population is considered “scientifcally literate”. Sad!

One of he questions is…

What is cold?

I answered, Cleveland for 6 months

Actually I told him it is the abscence of heat.

Partly cloudy, light breeze with a forecast high of 85 degrees 8)

19 snow flurries In TN
we just might make it lol

Very nice!!! Make sure you do not get sun burned!!

How many inspections you doing today??

I’ve got two scheduled for the day - 10 am and 2 pm.

Very nice, maybe you can post a picture of the sun. I forgot what it looked like.

I just might do that :smiley:

I’m just back from my morning run - time to shower and get ready for the day. . .

61 and sunny at the top of the Rockies today. No snow on the Eastern slope yet.

Its cold and snowy here too…

So if (Cleveland = Cold), and (Absence of Heat = Cold), does (Absence of Cleveland = Heat)?

Bright sunny day, breezy, 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect day for chopping wood. Gets down into the low 40s in the evenings, expecting a sharp freeze by Thursday. My lemon and orange trees are already showing the effects of the few cold nights we have had. That sucks, about lost them last year when we had several nights in a row of temps in the 20s.

Now why does a guy in FLORIDA have to chop wood. I’ve been burning wood since 1972 except for 5-6 years in there…but we have 7600 DD F in my locale and virtually no cooling days…the wood cutting/chopping/preparation is exercise as well as $1,500-$2,000 savings on heat!

Just for you Dave. Happy Holidays.


Good one,

LBJ made a wise decision!!

Thanks, I needed that.

Today: Mostly cloudy and windy. Snow flurries and a few snow showers. High 17F. Winds NW at 25 to 35 mph. Chance of snow 30%. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph. I’m looking for the 17F its still only 12F I’m actually thinking of going tent camping next weekend.

Not all of Fl is tropical weather. I get amused often whenever I hear people say things about Florida year round sunshine, etc. I live in the far NW corner of the panhandle of the state. A thirty minute drive to the North or West and I am in Alabama. This area is often referred to as L.A. (lower Alabama). We experience winter although not like those even 100 miles to the North. It freezes here at night especially in late winter. We occasionally even get some snow that last a few days. Happens about every 7 years. I don’t “have” to chop wood, in fact you can usually buy it here from fellas selling it already chopped who will even deliver it and stack it for you. I have probably thrown away more firewood than I have ever burned. Once it gets punky I toss it. I get all mine free from my bro in law who has woods all around his place. He is a transplanted Connecticut yankee so he loves to putz around with firewood having lived up in the great frozen North most of his life. I have this nice fireplace in my house that I make payments on every month so I figure I need to use it once in a while, not out of necessity but out of primal urge to screw around with fire and burn stuff up, plus it makes my wife happy. If it were simply up to me, I would probably have gas logs and a refrigerator in the living room next to a pool table and the large screen television. Unfortunately, she is more civilized than I and has 51% of the vote.

It’s 56 here with winds gusting to 40 mph, wind chill in the low 40’s. If it doesn’t get warm soon, I’m going to have to move south! :wink:

It doesn’t get 56 here until late May of June. :frowning: