Weatherization Installation Training

My guys and I completed our state training today and it was very informative. Most people don’t realize this but the trade of weatherization has been ongoing in the northeast for over 30 years.

I was actually surprised at the fact that every insulator/weatherization worker who attended this class has a blower door on their truck and boy do these guys know how to use it. I was very impressed!!!

When it comes to air sealing these guys have some amazing ways of getting the job done and accurately and they know how to use the blower door just as much as they do a skill saw or battery drill.

I also heard talk today of one of the utility companies new plan to pay for CFM reduction. Your pay is based on how many CFMs you can reduce the home, the bigger the reduction the more money. I’m not a big fan of piece work but this idea can work in not only benefit the installers but has built in quality control… you have to prove recorded improvements and that’s what performance contracting is all about.

Like every profession. The real pros know how to shine. Congrats to you and your guys Peter. I expect you will be one of the success stories.


I echo your sentiments!. I teach Basic and Advanced Weatherization courses for the state of Texas. Many of the participants are highly qualified and dedicated.