Weathertight enclosures for exterior gfci's

When did the “dome” cover become a requirement? 2007 or 2008? Not sure what other way to describe it. This “dome” cover that replaces the individual plug covers so that something can be plugged in and still be weathertight. :-k

You are referring to an “in-use cover”.
There is no 2007 NEC, just 2008, then every three years backwards from there.
I believe it was 2005. I’ll have to check.

Nope. In 2002 it was a change.

We call 'em weather tight “while-in-use” covers… :smiley:

wow!! 2002. thanks.

I call them Required “CRAP” that the home owner breaks off after one use and then leaves an unprotected receptacle from ANY elements. If they want to use their BRAIN they would combine an IN-Use cover that still remains atleast weather proof with nothing plugged in even AFTER the cheap plastic cover has been broken off…But then again thats just me…:wink:

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: They are properly known as a wasp condo. That what they become when the cord slot has been removed and nothing is plugged in.

bubble cover

Isn’t that special?