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Here is some inspection-related content for you, more coming: www.nachi.org/articles.htm

www.nachi.org/gallery also helps dress your site up.


You always want to have control over your own content. I pay 4.95 a month with greengeeks.com and I’m all over the search engines but it did take patience. No matter who you host with your not going on the search engines over night. It takes time. If you read DOM’s tips you will get on board faster. For your $50 are you ranked within the top 3 on Google within your area?

Here is something else to add to your website: http://www.nachi.org/about-transcripts.htm

Reese that guy, or service is ripping you off! I just searched Arcadia FL, Home inspector and your Home Guage listing is #9. Your main site didn’t even show up!

  1. Thank you all for your candid reviews of my website.
  2. Thank you all for your advice.
  3. I agree with everything that’s been said and will be working on websites starting Tuesday morning.

Reece, your site looks nice, but the technology behind it is pretty out of date. They’re using frames for layout (which has been frowned upon for at least 10 years) and images where text would serve you better (for SEO reasons).

You could build a similar site on InspectorPages for $15/mo with no setup fee (and a 60 day free trial). And Danny can help move your site over, if you’re interested.

Even before you start using any of our built-in SEO tools you should see a boost in ranking just because you’d drop the image-only splash screen, the table-based layout, and gain a bunch of other code optimizations we do (like host your images on a CDN, or make sure your content is near the top of the code).

Right now, a search engine sees the following on your home page:
Home Inspectors Sarasota - Enter Company_name
Even if you don’t switch to InspectorPages, get rid of that splash page and see if they can upgrade you to a HTML/CSS-based layout, and convert some of the text in your images to real text.


Lots of choice.
Dedicated Home inspection web serves to the generic brands that are reviewed for the public.
I use IPAGE.
My site is simple but you can use it to draw conclusions.

Careful Robert. In American English the above word (red highlighted) has different meanings, and you may be inferring something that is not true.

Please go back and be more specific with what you are attempting to say.

Thank you.

Thank you.
I was not aware.
He is dedicated to every one of this clients.

You do not have to quote any mistakes Mr. Jonas.
They can be easily deleted and correct or apologized by the author.
But not now. Hm.
To bad.
I think that HIP and the offerings of Dominic are above reproach.
I see no need to single out a mistake with a quote…

You turn.

As to post #27 I see no validity in your statement.
If it is offensive then do YOU quote it.
Simpler methods, email or post would be more realistic and leaving no underlying negative mindset. Totally fictional I suspect.
Opposite is the opinion that I have looked into.

Always gave HIP a positive voice and review.
So ( Careful Robert.) Is mindset and fictional in my opinion.
I could be wrong.

From a eCommerce site.

Other bad meaning subject matter of probable underling meanings.

Yet more.

I do not mean to be over the top Jeffrey but I do not know why you mindset is honed in on me.
I have completely erased what was said in an effort to please others.
Grow up man.

***I think someone forgot to take their meds today.***:p:p

I did not know J.J. was on meds?
Thank Linas but we should not spread malicious falsehoods about any member.

I think we all are aware of some individuals here with drug “issues”.:wink:

Also ones with little monkey’s;)
Although on should care.:roll:

Who the heck said anything about it being offensive???

“Underlying negative mindset” is all your’s.

The only thing offensive around here is your constant butchering of the English language. If you can’t understand it or properly use it… don’t! Stick to French. Then I will probe the depth’s of my mind for the two years of French I had in H.S., and then I will constantly butcher your language and see how you like it.

Get off your lazy arse, and go get a friggin’ English Dictionary and properly look up the word “dedicated” in all of it’s forms and tenses.

You owe the U.S. an apology.

I/we won’t hold our breath!!!

BTW… Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! “Honed in on you”??? WOW! You sure are delusional. I don’t give a rat’s a s s about you, and don’t give two thoughts about you either… EVER!!!

Pity… and you were doing so well lately, too.

Yup… for Hypothyroidism. Thanks for the reminder. :neutral:

Doesn’t explain your insanity though. :shock::roll:

In American English the above word (red highlighted) has different meanings

No S H I T!!! That was my point.

Now… WHICH meaning did you… mean???

Disclaimer: Some post on this board are for entertainment purposes only. :shock: